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changelog april 2023


Changelog April 2023 - Suncel CMS

Automatic refresh of the page settings content, query feature in blocks, search and replace, bug fixing, ...

nextjs 13 fonts


Using fonts in Next.js : Google Fonts, Local and TailwindCSS

If your website is using a specific font, you may need to import a font in your Next.js application. Next.js 13 brings some improvement in the way you import font and some optimizations as well.

headless cms


How to choose your headless CMS? [ULTIMATE GUIDE]

Whether it is for use on your own site or application or for the needs of a client, the headless CMS can be very practical for setting up a content management solution.

blog starter nextjs suncel


Free Blog Starter for Next.js and React

If you are looking for a boilerplate, starter or blog template that uses Next.js (frawemork React), below are the most inspiring templates to start your blog.

wordpress nextjs starter


Wordpress and Next.js starter Github

If you are looking to install Wordpress as a headless CMS and create a Next.js app to fetch content from Wordpress using a GraphQL API for example, you'll find bellow some useful Github repo in order to facilitate the installation of Wordpress + Next.js.

semi programmatic seo illustration


Semi programmatic SEO example

How to transform data into web pages with semi-programmatic SEO using Suncel CMS and Next.js ? Semi-programmatic SEO allows to add unique content on pages and add more unicity to the page.

nextjs image optimization


Improve image loading using Next.js and Suncel

Managing image size, compression, quality and responsiveness are tedious tasks when dealing with a lot of content and a lot of images.

suncel headless cms nextjs


Headless CMS : all you need to know

Whats is a headless CMS, how to use it and what are the benefits ? Which CMS use and how much does it cost ? Guide 2022

10 resources learn react


10 Best Resources to learn React [Guide 2022]

React is an extremely popular javascript framework. It is possible to find free resources to learn React. The best sites are listed below.

top tailwind kits components lib


Top 12 Tailwind CSS UI Components and Kits [2022]

You are using Tailwind CSS and looking to speed up the integration of blocks into your site or web app ? This page is for you. We have selected the best Tailwind CSS UI component kits.

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