The Best Headless CMS for Next.js

Suncel is a powerful and versatile content platform, with a simple visual builder for marketers and publishers. It provides an SEO-optimized headless CMS based on Next.js.

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Setup in minutes

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Publish content faster, improve page speed and SEO ranking.

suncel headless cms for nextjs

Rapid setup

Integrate in minutes

Simple integration can be made on your existing Next.js application or on a brand new Next.js app.  Create flexible and reusable components with few lines of code.

Check our doc for a quick start.
 npx create-suncel-app

Ready to use templates
Reusable blocks
Live Blocks Preview
Multiple Languages
import React from "react";
import { SuncelBlock } from "@suncel/nextjs";
import { Text } from "@suncel/nextjs/components";

type BlockNameProps = {
  text: string;

export const BlockName: SuncelBlock<BlockNameProps> = (
 { text }) => {
  return (
      {/* Text component form Suncel */}
      <Text slug='text' value={text} />

Improve your site performance

Having a good content is not enough to rank well on Google.

Wordpress or Drupal CMS are usually poor to deliver fast and optimized pages.

Suncel provides you with an easy content builder that makes no concession on your Google Speed score and your page speed.

improve seo performances

For non-developers

A low-code, simple editing experience.

Focus on content with pre-made blocks already optimized for your website. Integration complexity is for developers, not publishers. You can manage content and assets in an easiest way than Wordpress or Shopify thanks to our visual editor.

Visual Builder
Real time edit
Instant publish
Easy & powerful
video component builder

Share your content with the world in 3 steps


Define your components

At setup you define the reusable components that content editors will use in the Suncel builder. No need to define props schema, that’s done automatically by Suncel. All components and blocks will be drag and dropped in the visual builder.

component blocks suncel

Feed content

Create pages using pre-defined blocks and components. The visual editor has the perfect level of complexity to allow non tech users to master it quickly.

block library

Deploy ⚡

Deploy on Vercel or your favorite cloud hosting service. Each new page published on the visual editor is deployed automatically at the edge.

hosting suncel

What Suncel delivers


Faster websites

With prerendering (static and SSR), and CDN, you get a better Google Speed Score and ranking.


Simple & powerful editor

A no-code editor with predefined block and visuals. Live preview and content edition. Publish content 50% faster.


Component based approach

Developers define components that are used multiples times by publishers. Avoid code reuse.



Define location and serve multiple content in different langages.