Why Suncel ?

Using Suncel gives you number of advantages 👇

Organise your content

Easy page management between production and staging. 
Work with your team on editing, reviewing and publishing your content. Create on the fly pages copies, block copies.


Intuitive and powerful editor

The block base editor allows publishers to leverage content creation upon components and style define by developers. No-code edition is made easy and without the usal constraints of standard no-code builders. No need to publish an independant preview page. The preview is live when editing.


Easy editor modeling

Create block and page models. Unlike other CMS, no need to define your component schemas. Suncel does it. Define your components, then editors team has immediatly all they need to work on the layout defined.

Suncel is dedicated to React & Nextjs framework.


Designed for SEO

Static and server side rendering make your site faster. Our native SEO features and optimization allow you to gain time in creating pages faster and SEO optimized.

No need to create or modify inputs in the XML sitemap. Suncel does it after each change or publication.


Decoupled workflow

Developers write code and no content. 
Publishers write content with a no-code builder and can deploy in production on their side without any risk. Developers control the code, publishers the content.


Custom admin panel

Unlike the majority of headless CMS, our admin panel and visual builder are on your website. You can add pages, features and style to your admin panel. You can as well control access and give permissions.


Component variations

Regroup similar components in “variations”. Facilitate component management and publishers organization. Be efficient and don't repeat your work.