Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about Suncel CMS


Can I have folders for my content

Yes. You can organise your pages and your assets in folders.

How long does it typically take until content goes live after publishing?

It's instant.

Is it possible to share or separate some content per country?

You can have multiple locales on your Suncel project. Content is split by locale and you can filter the pages by locale.

How can I preview newly created draft content

You have a live preview when editing. You can as well click on "Preview in a new tab" in order to view the result and be able to click on links (links are deactivated in the visual builder).

Is the user interface of the content management system available in multiple languages?

This admin used to create pages, modify your content and manage your assets in only available in english.

Do you collaborate with development agencies and implementation partners

Yes ! Contact us if your are looking for an agency or a freelance to launch your site or your application using Suncel CMS. 

If you are an agency or a freelance and you want to be listed on our partners page, place contact us as well.

Are there any traffic or API operation limitations

Yes. Not for plan limitation but to avoid API calls overload.

How can I import my existing data

It's not possible.

Can I connect Google Analytics or other tracking tools ?

Yes, you can connect any scripts.

How is Asset Traffic measured?

It's measured by Suncel and AWS. You don't have access to a dashboard but we alert you if you are close to limits.

Security, Governance, and Backups

How are backups performed? What is the backup frequency?

A backup of the database is done every 6 hours and stored up to 12 months with a minimum of 7 days on AWS S3 servers.

Is my content encrypted?

We can provide encrypted content for Enterprise Plans only.
Content is not encrypted on other plans.

Will my project be hosted on a shared or dedicated infrastructure?

Enterprise plan can be hosted on a dedicated infrastructure. Others plans are hosted on a shared infrastructure.

Do you offer Service Level Agreements?

We can provide SLA on Enterprise plans.

Can I backup my data offsite?

We can provide backups for Enterprise plans in order for you to store the content in any place you want.

Is the content exposed through my Suncel's API secured?

The content is read-only as it is meant to be display on your website so it is exposed publicly, however only an admin can edit it.

Are the content saved in Assets secured ?

The assets are use to store images and needs to be accessible publicly. Anyone can access an image as long as they have the url of the image.
However we are planing to add a secure option for the assets in order to add confidential documents and will be accessible only via a secure link, it's on the roadmap for 2023.

Architecture, Hosting, and Infrastructure

Where are Suncel projects (your app) being hosted ?

Suncel projects are hosted by the owner of the project, so it's up to the owner to decide the platform where he will host his website.
Suncel team personally recommended hosting on Vercel.

How does Suncel host assets ?

Assets are hosted on AWS S3 servers. 

Is every customer’s database separate ?

The customer's databases are shared. We can deliver separate database on Enterprise plans. Please contact us.

Is the Suncel architecture horizontally scalable?


Is Suncel multi-tenant (shared between several countries)?

Currently it is not multi-tenant but as the project grow we will create replica in several countries to increase performances.

Is the storage size or the number of entries and records in a Suncel project limited?

It's unlimited.

Where are my application files (e.g. html and javascript) hosted?

All the code is hosted inside your project code base.
The content that you call through the Suncel API is stored by Suncel.

If I want to change CMS, how can I migrate from Suncel to another CMS ?

For migration purpose, you can get all your content. We can provide an export of your database content on request.

Where’s Suncel being hosted?

Content database and the API server are hosted on AWS servers (private network).

Questions on integration and general questions

Can i integrate live chat widget ?

Yes.  You can integrate any script. We recommend you to use the Script component from Next.js.

Is Suncel a no-code application ?

No. The setup requires code. Once the application is running, the content editor is simple and does not requires any technical knowledge.

Do you provide any template for Shopify ?

Soon ! (S1 2023). 
Suncel is flexible enough for you to integrate Shopify on your side, but we'll provide a full integration with Shopify, including pre-made interfaces (product page, category page, basket page, ...).

How is it different from other builders ? 

We offer a real live preview, a SEO module and instant publishing.
content editing on Suncel is based on a stacked block logic.

Does your plan comes with hosting ?

No. We recommend you to host your app on

Do you support Vue.js / Nuxt.js ?

Not now, but it's ont the roadmap for Q4 2023.