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David Dumont


7 Blog templates and starters for Next.js and React

If you are looking for a boilerplate, starter or blog template that uses Next.js (framework React), below are the most inspiring templates to start your blog.

Next.js is perfect for a blog with its many optimizations: image performance improvements, SSG (static site generation) to speed up page loading, font optimization (since Next.js 13) and many other optimizations.

Most of the templates below are free. Some use Tailwind CSS or Markdowns to edit your pages. Let's discover them !

Suncel Blog Starter with Next.js 13

  • Demo

  • Github (open source)

  • Tech : Nextjs 13, Typescript, Tailwind CSS, Suncel CMS

  • Automatic category management,  SEO module, light and dark themes, perfect Core Web Vitals scores mobile friendly view, open source.  Page and asset management.

  • Cost : free

blog starter nextjs suncel

Vercel Blog Starter

vercel nextjs blog starter

Bejamas + Netlify blog template

  • Demo

  • Github

  • Tech : Next.js, Tailwind CSS, MDX

  • Cost : free

netlify bejamas blog nextjs

Tailwind Awesome

Inspired by Lee Robinson's blog and TailwindLabs Blog.

  • Demo

  • About (including some demo links)

  • Github

  • Tech : Next.js, Tailwind CSS, MDX

  • Light and Dark theme, very good lighthouse score

  • Cost : free

tailwind awesome nextjs blog starter

Next.js + Notion blog template

This blog uses Next.js SSG (static site generation) and Notion's API to get article data/

notion nextjs template blog

Stablo + Next.js starter blog


Creative Designs Guru

Dark, clean and responsive Nextjs theme

  • Demo

  • Tech : Next.js, Tailwind CSS, Typescript

  • Pagnation, Makdown, Syntax Highlighting with Prism.js

  • cost : $29

dark theme starter blog